From Wednesday to Saturday you are welcome to try one of our tasting menus starting at 49€. 

We take allergies and dietary restrictions serious and can adjust to most. So please inform us beforehand if you have an allergy or prefer for example a vegan menu!


Open from Wednesday to Saturday we welcome you to our restaurant. Here we serve 3 different menu's, starting from 49€.

Although we warmly welcome walk-ins, with only 24 seats a day we recommend you to book your table in advance to ensure we are able to provide you a seat. 

Being in a wasteful industry as the restaurant business we find ourselves wondering constantly about what we can do better. 
We are continuously trying to find (new) ways to get most out of our ingredients before there is nothing left to do then to recycle them into the compost and fertiliser we will use for our next project; an urban garden in our second backyard which will be opened this summer.

Using mostly the best of Finnish seasons and produce, combining these with only a hand full our favourite ingredients from all over the world, we try to find the perfect balance between the best flavours and minimising our carbon footprint.

We find our inspiration from the pure and raw ingredients found via our local farmers and in the Scandinavian nature. By learning to understand the raw ingredients we use, we challenge ourselves to find the most exciting and diverse flavours from one single item like a celeriac.