Behind the story of Chapter there are three members who are all fascinated by meaningful food and dining experiences.

Juho and Romany have their roots deeply involved in the restaurant industry by passion and profession, Jaron by pleasure. Together they wished to realise their dream for a joint restaurant, combining all winning elements they had conquered over the years.

Chapter opened its first chapter in summer 2017, that consists of a wine and cocktail bar with light food. The second chapter, the dining area opened in Autumn 2017, expanding the offering to more refined dishes.

During the first year in business, Chapter also acquired shares of a biodynamic community farm to be able to position itself as more self sufficient operator in the restaurant scene.


Whilst creating a successful business the trio wants to be heavily involved in maximising the environmental goodwill doing so. The green values are evident in every point of the business from initial seedling, through growth to the final serving.

Chapter is part of a biodynamic community farm, Ruokaosuuskunta Omapelto, in Korso growing its own vegetables.

When absolutely no other way of using the ingredients possible Chapter creates soil and fertiliser for the plants in their backyards and inside the bar and restaurant using the Japanese Bokashi method from the bar and kitchens bio-waste.

Most of Chapters plates are handmade by the team (look at the bottom of the plates to search for your chef or waiters initials!) and Chapter is also the very first restaurant in Finland having served a fully electricity free dinner service on the Earth day. Even staff dinner was made fully electricity free.


Torikorttelit had a vacant venue for a restaurant in a historical building dating back to 1775, with an extension completed just in 2016. The combination of something truly old and brand new felt to symbolise the birth of a joint restaurant for the trio. Whilst always thriving to create things unseen, they wish to draw inspiration from the past, from their roots and family heritage. The place is full of items made by or inherited from their friends and family.

Chapter was created as an opening line for a restaurant that is never to be completed, but always waiting for a new chapter to be written.